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In the original JA2, mortars are one of the most powerful weapons you can get. They are the only weapon capable of taking out tanks without having to face them head-on (unlike LAW rockets), and are also great for blowing up concentrations of enemies.

However, mortar shells were EXTREMELY rare in the original, and only a handful could be found anywhere in Arulco. You also couldn't buy any more of them from Bobby Ray's, so what you found was all you had.

In JA2 1.13, however, mortars have become much more commonplace. Large enemy groups, especially on EXPERT and INSANE difficulty, may include a mortar soldier relatively early in the game. They can cause a LOT of damage to your men, possibly killing several of them in a single mortar hit.

Your only tactical answer to this would be to try to break through the enemy ranks and find the mortar launcher, or cross your fingers and hope he runs out of shells before causing too much damage. This makes some encounters unbelievably difficult.

Of course, once you've picked up a couple of mortars, all hell breaks loose - you are usually far better at shelling enemy concentrations, which gives you an unfair advantage over the AI.

In any case, regardless of who's holding them, mortars are exceptionally powerful weapons.The reason that Mortars are so dangerous in the game lies in their accuracy. Mortars may be exceptionally slow, but a single hit can do massive damage, and it is simply not hard enough to get a good hit.

HAM 3 - Mortar CtH DivisorEdit

Since we cannot make mortars fire any slower (they're already abysmally slow, as they should be), and reducing their damage would be unrealistic, the only reasonable solution would be to make them much less accurate than they are now.

This is also quite a realistic adjustment, as mortars in real life are not pin-point-accurate weapons - like all artillery, they require continuous shelling.

In real life, mortars have much more effect at "pinning down" enemy troops, not directly killing them. By reducing accuracy, mortars play a much more realistic role in the squad - you're much less likely to hit your intended target, but you may still cause some damage if you fire at a sufficiently dense enemy group.

This HAM feature works by dividing the final "Chance to Hit" for mortars (and ONLY mortars).


Final CtH = Original CtH / X

Where X is the setting you use.

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Divides the final Chance-to-Hit of any mortar attack.

Range 1 - 255
JA2 Default Value 1

Mortar Chance-to-Hit is not affected. They remain as accurate as they've always been.

HAM Recommended Value 3 The chance-to-hit of any mortar attack is divided by 3. This reduces mortar accuracy considerably, although Mortars really do remain frightfully accurate regardless.

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