The Chance-to-Hit bars displayed over the attack cursor offer an accurate prediction of our chance to hit the intended target. HAM adds an option to hide the true chance and only let the character approximate it.

History Edit

JA2 1.13 added Chance-to-Hit bars, displayed over the targeting cursor. An empty bar shows that we have no real chance of hitting the target (CtH 1%), while a full bar indicates a practically assured hit (CtH 99%). You can use this information to decide whether a shot is worth your time and ammo. If the bar isn't clear enough, you can also use the "F" key to get an accurate, numerical read-out.

However, there's been some resentment in the Jagged Alliance 2 community towards the CtH bars. Some players (correctly) claim that in reality, soldiers don't know how likely they are to hit the target. Headrock agrees with this, but thinks that a trained soldier will know at least roughly how accurate his shot is going to be.

HAM 1 - CtH ApproximationEdit

With the Chance-to-Hit Approximation system, most soldiers will not show the exact CtH of their shot. Instead, the Chance-to-Hit shown on screen (both on the CtH bar and the "F" key readout) will be "rounded". In other words, it will only be close to the real value.

If a soldier is particularly bad at marksmanship, and is inexperienced, his approximation would be so bad that he'll see a CTH readout of either 0%, 50%, or 100%. The CTH bar will show as either empty, a half-empty, or a full. This allows the character to know very roughly if their shot is well aimed, but prevents them from making an exact estimate.

As the soldier gets more experienced, his Chance-to-Hit readout will be more accurate - meaning, the real Chance-to-Hit will be rounded to a closer number.

Expert soldiers (roughly 9 EXP Level, 90 Marksmanship, and 90 Wisdom) will have a fully-accurate Chance-to-Hit readout, the same as in JA2 1.13.

Sniper Trait Edit

The SNIPER trait will help the soldier reach a better approximation ability much sooner in his career.

INI Settings Edit


Effect Controls whether Chance-to-Hit readouts are accurate or estimated
JA2 Default Value FALSE Chance-to-Hit readouts are fully accurate. They will always show the exact, true CtH.
HAM Recommended Setting TRUE Chance-to-Hit readouts are not 100% accurate, and only show an approximation of the true Chance-to-Hit. Experienced soldiers will be more accurate than others. Very experienced soldiers can get a 100% accurate readout.

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