HAM attempts to add some extra ill effects to critical hits. This is a minor gameplay modification.

History Edit

Jagged Alliance 2 allows making critical hits to different bodyparts. When a critical hit occurs, damage is significantly increased, and the character may lose permanent Attribute points related to the bodypart that was impacted.

In addition, while leg-shots in general cause very little damage compared to torso- or head-shots, a critical leg-shot causes the character to fall down.

HAM 3 - Critical Headshots cause Blindness Edit

Although HAM is mostly geared towards reducing the usefulness of headshots, one cannot ignore the fact that a critical hit on the head should be a very dangerous thing indeed.

With HAM, critical headshots can be configured to cause temporary blindness, caused by disorientation and/or blood streaming into the eyes.

HAM allows you to decide how often this temporary blindness occurs, using one primary INI-setting. One in every X critical headshots (statistically) will cause temporary blindness, where X is the value of the INI-setting.

The duration of blindness is based on the severity of the hit. Every 10 points of damage caused by the critical headshot will cause 1 turn of blindness.

HAM 3 - Critical Legshots cause AP Loss Edit

In HAM, critical shots to the legs will now also have a severe side-effect. When a character is knocked down due to being shot in the legs, he/she will also suffer a significant loss of AP's.

This happens every time the character is knocked down by a leg-shot. It is intended for increasing the severity of leg-shots, which are currently a bit useless.

The exact number of APs lost is governed by an APBP Constant. For every 1 point of damage caused by the leg-shot, the character will lose X APs, where X is the value set in APBPConstants.INI. This may sound like a LOT, but remember that legshots cause a significantly reduced amount of damage.

INI Settings: Edit

Head-shot Blindness and Leg-Shot AP Loss both uses JA2_Options.INI settings.

Leg-Shots also have one APBPConstants.INI setting.

1. JA2_Options.INI Settings:



Controls the statistical chance to be blinded by a Critical Head-Shot.

Range 0 - 10
JA2 Default Value 0 Headshots do not cause blindness.
HAM Recommended Value 2 One of every 2 head-shots (statistically) will cause temporary blindness.
Other Values 1 Every head-shot causes temporary blindness.
3 One of every 3 head-shots (statistically) will cause temporary blindness.
Notes The duration of blindness is dictated by the amount of damage. Every 10 damage points will cause one turn of blindness. There is no INI setting to adjust this.



Controls whether Critical Leg-Shots (knockdowns) cause any additional AP loss.

JA2 Default Value FALSE Critical Leg-Shots do not cause extra AP loss, except the normal cost of falling down and getting back up again later.
HAM Recommended Value TRUE Every critical Leg-Shot will cause extra AP loss proportional to the damage inflicted.
Notes See the APBP Constant below for fine-tuning.

2. APBPConstants.INI Setting:''



Controls the amount of APs lost per one damage point done by the Leg-Shot, when a character is knocked down.

Range 1 - 100
HAM Recommended Value (100AP system) 4 Every point of damage done in the Critical Leg-Shot will cause a loss of 4 APs.
HAM Recommended Value (25AP system) 1 Every point of damage done in the Critical Leg-Shot will cause a loss of 1 AP.
Notes Please remember that leg-shot damage is usually very low compared to torso or head damage.

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