This is the externalization of the Minimum and Maximum possible Chance-to-Hit percentage. HAM repairs an issue where unreasonably hopeless shots are far too likely to hit their intended target.

History Edit

JA2 has a serious problem:

Take a pistol, walk to one side of the map, and put a buddy on the other side of the map. Make sure there are no obstacles between them that could block the shot. Now fire the pistol at the other character about 100 times. Statistically, one of those bullets will be a sure hit.

This is because the Chance to Hit can never drop below 1% . So even when firing "hopelessly", at least one in every 100 shots is a sure hit. This is absolutely ridiculous and contradicts about a dozen things about real-world physics and probability.

In JA2 1.13, the problem gets even worse: Automatic weapons can spit out a lot of lead, which means that lucky "hopeless" shots occur even more often. To fix this, HAM has externalized both the Minimum CTH value (and thrown in an externalized Maximum value as well).

HAM 1 - Changing the Minimum and Maximum CtH Edit

This feature actually predates HAM by almost a year, but was first released to the public as a feature in HAM 1.

Using the INI settings, it is now possible to reduce the "Minimum Chance-to-Hit" value below 1. It is also possible to increase the "Maximum Chance-to-Hit" value above 99 as well, allowing "perfectly positive hits". In fact, both values can be changes whichever way you like, producing all sorts of interesting results.

Changing the Minimum Edit

Lowering the Minimum CtH to 0 already improves gameplay considerably. While the game's physics can still cause wildly-unaimed shots (like an autofire volley) to hit the target, this is now a result of the game's physics engine, and not the result of badly-placed minimums. In any case, the number of hits with hopeless CtH are dramatically reduced. This is mostly to the benefit of the player, because the AI is more likely to fire blindly than the player.

Changing the Maximum Edit

Increasing the Maximum CtH to 100 allows some shots to be sure-hits. This may not be a very desirable effect, as it has the potential of unbalancing the game. In fact, if you are looking for more realism, one good way to achieve it would be to REDUCE the maximum to around 90. This means that even with a good aim through a 10x scope, there's still a 10% chance to miss, per bullet. It's a good way to make battles last longer and require better maneuvering, and also to "nerf down" the effectiveness of highly skilled snipers with long-range weaponry.

Fractional Minimum Chance-to-Hit Edit

The "Minimum Chance-to-Hit" setting can be set to 0 (meaning, a hopeless shot is truly hopeless) or 1 (meaning, a hopeless shot has a 1/100 chance of actually hitting the intended target anyway). But the true goal of this HAM feature is to reduce the hopeless shot chance, not eliminate it.

For this reason, HAM adds a third setting that allows placing the Minimum CTH anywhere between 1% and 0%. This setting is called the "Minimum CTH Divisor". It works only if Minimum CTH has been set to 0.

To find out how to set the divisor, do this:

  1. Decide how many "hopeless" shots would be sure hits, statistically. For instance, 1 in 200 shots, 1 in 10000 shots, etc.
  2. Set the Minimum CtH to 0 (otherwise this won't work)
  3. Divide the second number (in the above examples, 200 or 10000) by 100. The result is your CTH divisor.

So if the CTH divisor is set to 50, the minimum CTH will be 1/5000. This means that 1 in every 5000 bullets is a sure hit.

INI Settings Edit

HAM has three separate settings to control Minimum/Maximum Chance-to-Hit.



Controls the maximum possible chance-to-hit of any bullet.

Range 1 - 100
JA2 Default Value 99

JA2 leaves a "margin of error" at the top of the Chance-to-Hit statistical probability. It is never possible to get a "perfect aim" on someone. At least 1 in every 100 attacks will be a miss, even if Chance-to-Hit is perfect.

HAM Recommended Value 99 Actually, this top margin is quite desirable, as it leaves some room for guesswork.
Other Values 90

This is a fun setting to try - it makes "perfect aiming" far from possible, as at least 1 in every ten shots fired in the game will be a sure miss. It makes the game far less predictable, and helps prevent exploitation of long-distance sniper fire. At close range, however, gun shots may still hit the target "accidentally" even if they were flagged as a miss. This is due to the specific way that bullet physics work in this game.



Controls the minimum possible chance-to-hit of any bullet.

Range 0 - 99
JA2 Default Value 1

JA2 leaves a "glimmer of hope" at the bottom of the shooting statistics. A completely hopeless shot still has a 1 in 100 chance to hit its intended target, bullet physics notwithstanding.

HAM Recommended Value 0 The 1/100 statistical probability has been a point of much grumbling by JA2 players, and HAM seeks to rectify this by lowering the minimum statistical chance further.

Setting a "0" here doesn't mean that hopeless shots are really hopeless, because it activates a third INI setting (see below) to moderate the actual chance somewhere between 1% and 0%.

Notes Since HAM integration in March 2009, JA2 1.13 now also defaults to 0.



Places the exact minimum Chance-to-Hit probability anywhere between 1% and 0%.

Range 1 - 250
HAM Recommended Value 100 A value of 100 here ends up giving us a Minimum Chance-to-Hit of 1 in 10,000 bullets (0.01% Chance-to-Hit). The game's physics engine will probably increase the actual statistical probability above this level, but at least one part of the problem is thusly removed.

Since HAM integration in March 2009, JA2 1.13 now also defaults to 100.

This setting has no effect whatsoever, unless MINIMUM_POSSIBLE_CTH (see above) is set to 0.

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