HAM offers a setting to control which of the income-generating mines will run out during the campaign, instead of having one selected at random. You can also disable mine depletion completely, ensuring that all mines operate continuously throughout the campaign.

History Edit

When a new JA2 campaign is started, the game randomly selected one of the ore mines and dramatically reduces the remaining "minable resources" present there. Normally, mines have enough resources to keep generating income for the remainder of the campaign. The selected mine, however, with its reduced capacity, will eventually run out of ore.

Once you begin to extract money from that mine, it will "silently" deplete its resources. About 2 to 4 weeks later, the head miner notifies you that the mine is about to shut down.

Production then begins to drop, and within a week the mine will run out of resources and will stop producing money for the rest of the game.

Only one mine is selected to become depleted, and as mentioned before, this is done randomly at the start of the campaign.

HAM 3 - Choose and Choose NotEdit

With HAM 3.1, you can actually CHOOSE which mine will experience this shut-down, rather than let the program choose randomly.

You can also deactivate the "mine depletion" faeture completely, meaning that NONE of the mines will run out at all!

Note: For this feature to have any effect, it must be set BEFORE starting a new campaign.

INI Setting Edit

Two INI settings control this feature. One turns manual selection on and off, the other selects the mine to be depleted (or disables mine depletion entirely).


Effect Determines whether Mine Depletion occurs randomly, or reads the player's selection (with WHICH_MINE_RUNS_OUT).
JA2 Default Setting FALSE The program randomly selects the mine targeted for depletion. One mine is always selected.
HAM Recommended Setting FALSE

Manual selection can skew the strategic game in your favour.

If your playing-style requires it, be my guest.

Other Values TRUE Mine Depletion is selected based on player choice (see below).


Effect Determines which mine (if any) is selected for depletion.
Range 0 - 6 Note: Range may differ in the future if mines are externalized!
Possible Values 0 No mine will be depleted at all.
1 San Mona Mine. DO NOT USE THIS SETTING, it may cause crashes. This is because San Mona Mina is depleted by default!
2 Drassen Mine.
3 Alma Mine. USE WITH CAUTION, there may be complications with depleting this mine!
4 Cambria Mine.
5 Chitzena Mine.
6 Grumm Mine.
Notes For this setting to have any effect, make sure you set MANUALLY_SELECT_MINE_TO_RUN_OUT to TRUE.

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