This feature consists of a single externalized value that controls how many STRENGTH points we require to lift 0.5 kilos of weight to avoid being overloaded

History Edit

Mercs in Jagged Alliance 2 have a certain carried weight limit that is based on their Strength score. A merc can only carry a certain amount of equipment before he or she becomes "encumbered".

Encumbrance causes loss of APs and overall speed (in both Tactical and Strategic modes), as well as increased loss of breath when performing physical actions.

Avoiding encumbrance is very important, which is why we have a window in the character's Inventory showing us the amount of weight we're carrying.

Weight is shown as a percentage. When we pass 100%, our merc becomes encumbered. You want to stay below 100% if at all possible.

By default, for each 1 point of strength your character has, you will be able to carry 0.5kg of weight (1 lb.) without becoming encumbered.

For example, a merc with a strength of 70, can carry up to 35 kilos without becoming encumbered. The more strength you have, the more you can carry.

Externalizing the ratio Edit

Not everyone is pleased with the current strength-to-weight ratio. Some players believe that characters can't carry enough equipment. Others believe that characters already possess superior weight-lifting capabilities. Regardless of your opinion, now you've got a chance to make it happen.

To change the ratio to your liking, you can use this formula:

Ratio = (Character's Strength / Desired Maximum "Safe" Weight in KG.) / 2

"Ratio" is the value you'll want to put in the INI setting.

If you're using the Imperial system (instead of the Metric system), use this formula instead:

Ratio = Character's Strength / Desired Maximum "Safe" Weight in lbs.

INI Setting: Edit



Controls the amount of Strength required to lift 0.5 Kilograms without becoming encumbered.

Range 1.0 - 100.0
JA2 Default Value 1.0

A character needs one point of Strength for every 0.5 kilograms that he is carrying, in order to avoid encumbrance.

HAM Recommended Value 1.5 This is a personal recommendation, because I'm one of those people that think Mercs are already carrying too much. Personally, I don't mind encumbrance for some characters, I see it as a legitimate and realistic problem that occurs often in combat. If you don't feel the same way I do, feel free to ignore this recommendation!
Other Values 0.5

For those of you who think weight is already too much of a problem, a value of 0.5 will DOUBLE your mercs' weightlifting prowess. This should take care of any problems you might have with carrying all those guns/grenades/armor you've been hoarding.

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