This setting allows players to place a modifier on ALL automatic weapons in the game, increasing or decreasing their rate of fire.

What is "Autofire Bullets / 5 AP"?[edit | edit source]

This value is important for all fully-automatic weapons. It determines the number of bullets fired for every 5AP you spend on a single Autofire volley.

This value is called "B/5AP", for short.

The name of this value can be confusing for two reasons:

  1. "5 AP" is relevant for the old 25AP system. JA2 1.13 now defaults to the 100AP system. When this is the case, the name of the value should actually read "Bullets / 20 AP".
  2. When adjusting the length of an Autofire volley, we are actually adding bullets one by one, which in turn increases the number of APs spent on the volley. A more appropriate name might be "APs Spent per Autofire Bullet", but this would require the use of fractional values and so would be much more confusing.

A weapon with higher B/5AP value has a higher rate of fire. In other words, it can spit out more bullets in the same amount of time (5 APs).

SMGs are usually the kings of B/5AP, while Machine Guns are notoriously slow (but more deadly and hold more bullets...).

HAM 2 - Adjusting the B/5AP Value Categorically[edit | edit source]

This HAM 2 feature is actually a hack. Its only purpose is to allow players to adjust the rate of fire for all guns, without having to edit each and every gun entry in Weapons.XML. This is similar to the EXPLOSIVES_DAMAGE setting from JA2 1.13, which allows increasing the damage potential of all explosives without having to edit the complicated explosive-data XMLs.

The setting for this feature is a flat modifier, that either adds or subtracts a fixed number from the "Autofire Bullets / 5 AP" value of ALL automatic weapons, regardless of their original speed.

Please note that if the B/5AP modifier is set to a negative value (reducing all rate of fire), it can never reduce the B/5AP value of a gun below 1. Otherwise, we would have a Divide-by-Zero crash!

INI Settings[edit | edit source]

There is a single setting for this feature.



A hack to adjust the firing rate of ALL fully-automatic weapons.

Range (-100) - 100
JA2 Default Value 0

This leaves the original B/5AP of automatic weapons untouched, adhering to the values written in Weapons.XML.

HAM Recommended Value 1 This recommended value is only applicable when using HAM suppression, as it increases the amount of firepower used in combat considerably. HAM Suppression Tactics favor automatic weapons, and compensate by making suppressed characters much harder to hit. Increasing the firing rate of automatic weapons is a good way to make suppression a common occurence. However, this really depends on your own particular playing style, so do not change this setting unless you know what you're trying to achieve.
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