Jagged Alliance 1.13 HAM Wiki

This page lists all known bugs in JA2 1.13 HAM as of its most recent version (HAM 3.5).

This is not an open edit page, so please try not to mess with it. The idea is to record all bugs that are known to be associated with HAM, so bugs have to be recognized and diagnosed before they are listed here.

Finally, please note that some bugs may have already been fixed without being listed here at all. If a bug is fixed, it should be removed from the list and noted in the discussion page.

Bugs as of HAM 3.6[]

Health loss over time, even when doing nothing (HAM 3.6)[]

Current status: This is not a bug!

Mercs lose permanent health points periodically in certain sectors.
This is actually intentional. Some sectors have a health hazard associated with one or more facilities.
You can edit the file "Data-HAM\TableData\Map\FacilityTypes.XML" and change the risks as you see fit. Instructions for this are in this article. Alternately, you can reduce the danger and risk rates in your JA2_Options.INI file (the last two HAM 3.6a settings). Changing the risk rate would also reduce benefits from facilities, of course.