Jagged Alliance 1.13 HAM Wiki

This feature is only important to players who use the New Inventory System. It fixes the order in which items are repaired, moving LBEs to the very end of the repair cycle.


In JA2 1.13, characters assigned to repair duty will repair LBE's much sooner than the rest of their inventory.

However, the condition of an LBE isn't really important - in fact, has no relevance whatsoever, unless you let it drop to 0 (in which case the LBE is destroyed and all items drop out of it).

Therefore, it's often a much better idea to repair other items first, such as headgear, slung guns... or any other piece of inventory for that matter!

HAM fix[]

With the bugfix in place, LBE's will be repaired LAST. Only once the repairer has repaired all other items in the inventory, he/she will start repairing the LBE's.

This makes repairs more efficient, especially if pressed for time.

INI Settings[]

This feature is a bug-fix. It does not have any INI Settings, as it should always be active.