Bullets are scary no matter who fired them. Therefore, they affect both friends and foes in an equal manner. Still, teammates opening fire together at an enemy unit shouldn't suppress each other. This HAM feature allows the player to control when Friendly Suppression does and does not occur.

History Edit

JA2's Suppression Fire system was faulty overall, but most of it was actually well-written. One feature was designed to make sure that two friendly characters standing next to each other do not suppress each other. This is exceptionally important in situations where one character is in front of the other (but at a lower stance), and bullets from the rear character should harmlessly pass over the front character without suppressing him.

To do this, the program set a maximum distance at which a character is immune to suppression by friends. If the two friendlies are 3 or less tiles away from one another, bullets fired by either character do not have any chance to suppress the other character. If the distance is greater than 3 tiles, the bullets do have a suppressive effect as normal.

HAM 3 - Adjusting the Distance RequirementEdit

Some people have complained about Friendly Suppression, claiming that it occurs far too often. While in theory it SHOULD occur, perhaps the distance setting is just not optimized for HAM games. Therefore, the hard-coded value of 3 tiles has been externalized.

PLEASE NOTE: The INI setting works with METERS, not tiles.

10 Meters = 1 tile.

If X is the value of the INI setting, then:

  • Friendly characters within X meters away from the shooter do not suffer any suppression effects from his bullets.
  • Friendly characters beyond X meters away from the shooter will suffer suppression when his bullets pass by/over them.

INI Setting: Edit


Effect Controls the Distance beyond which Friendly Suppression can occur. This is set in METERS, not TILES.
Range 0-65000
JA2 Default Value 30 Any friendly character within 3 or less tiles away from the shooter will not suffer suppression from the Shooter's passing bullets.
HAM Recommended Setting 30 You should really only change this setting if Friendly Suppression becomes too bothersome.
Other Values 0 Any character will always be suppressed when bullets fly by, friend or foe.
100 Any friendly character within 10 or less tiles away from the shooter will not suffer suppression from the Shooter's passing bullets.

This value is set in METERS, not TILES.

10 Meters = 1 Tile.

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