The militia system, and Mobile Militia in particular, have undergone great changes in the HAM mod. Several aspects have been drastically changed and others have been externalized into XML files.

Overview Edit

JA2's original Militia system gives us a way to defend our liberated cities against enemy attacks. Militia may be expensive, but they can free up our mercs to move around Arulco without fearing that the enemy would re-take locations in the rear.

Mobile Militia, designed and introduced in 1.13 by Kaiden, go a step further by increasing control of the countryside.

One of the major goals in HAM is to make the Strategic Game more important and more interesting. One way to do so is to improve the training and behavior of Militia and Mobile Militia. HAM has several features geared towards achieving this goal. In HAM, the emphasis is on control - Militia are limited in their offensive capabilities, but are much more useful for defending your territory. In fact, due to the increased importance of large-force tactics with the HAM Suppression system, proper Militia training and upkeep can determine the outcome of the entire war.

Militia Training FeaturesEdit

  • Leadership requirements for training militia: Includes Minimum Leadership for training, TEACHING-trait effects, and variable results based on Leadership skill.
  • Modifications to the Roaming Militia Generator: Smarter placement for newly-recruited Roaming Militia, prevents wasting money and time.
  • Diverse Mobile Militia: Players can now decide what percentage of every new Mobile Militia group will be Elite, Regular, or Green, or base these on Leadership skill.

Mobile Militia Movement Features Edit

Other Militia-Related Features Edit

  • Militia Drop their Equipment: Under certain circumstances (or, all the time!), militia will drop all or part of their equipment when killed. The specifics are INI-controlled, of course.
  • Auto-Resolve Luck Factor: It is now possible to reduce (or increase!) the effect of luck on the results of Auto-Resolve battles (compared to the effect of combatant skills)
  • No Enemy Detection without Recon: Enemies travelling through player-explored sectors are not automatically detected. Militia is important to recon wilderness areas for enemy troops.
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