JA2 1.13 introduced a Chance-to-Hit indicator, in the form of a single horizontal red bar shown over the targetting cursor. This bar allows us to determine how likely we are to hit the target.

This indicator appears over the cursor when firing single shots, and also when firing bursts. However, the cursor in its 1.13 form is rather limited in burst mode, and does not appear at all in autofire mode.

To fix this problem, HAM 1 introduced several changes to both the Burst cursor and the Autofire cursor.

New Burst Targeting Cursor Edit


In 1.13, the Burst Targeting Cursor showed us the Chance-to-Hit of the first shot in the burst.

However, as you might know, during Burst Fire each successive bullet is less accurate than the previous one, thanks to the gun's inherent Burst Penalty.

As you can see in the image to the right, there is no way to know how far our Chance-to-Hit would degrade during the burst.

In addition, it's hard to tell which bodypart we are going to fire at, seeing as there is no body-part targeting indicator to be seen!


Before (BURST)


HAM's Burst Targetting Cursor, introduced in HAM 1, solves both problems.

Firstly, it shows several Chance-to-Hit bars. Each bar shows the CTH of a different bullet in the burst:

  • The top bar shows the Chance-to-Hit of the first bullet.
  • The middle bar shows the Chance-to-Hit of the second bullet.
  • The bottom bar shows the Chance-to-Hit of the last bullet.

The number of bars corresponds with the number of bullets in the burst, giving us a bonus: an indicator telling us how many bullets we're about to fire! Not all guns fire three-bullet bursts, after all.

Additionally, at the bottom, the new targeting cursor shows which bodypart we are aiming for. This should really come in handy, especially when you want to go for the head.


After (BURST)

New Autofire Targeting Cursor Edit


The original 1.13 Autofire Cursor is rather strangely designed.

As can be seen in the image to the right, this cursor completely lacks a Chance-to-Hit bar. It doesn't even show the Chance-to-Hit for the first bullet in the volley, like the 1.13 Burst cursor did (see above).

The small number "6" at the top shows how many bullets we're about to fire. This number increases as we click the right mouse button (to add bullets).

In addition, you'll notice that the bodypart we are aiming for isn't indicated anywhere. Instead, at the bottom of the cursor, the number "30" indicates that we have 30 bullets left in our gun's magazine. Of course, this is redundant information, as the number of bullets left can always be seen superimposed on the weapon in our shooter's inventory.

So basically, we're only getting partial information at best.


Before (AUTO)


As you can see, the HAM cursor is quite different. Firstly, you'll note that this cursor has not one but TWO Chance-to-Hit bars. They tell us two different things:

  • The top bar shows the Chance-to-Hit we will have with the FIRST bullet in our auto-fire volley.
  • The bottom bar shows the Chance-to-Hit as it will be at the time when the LAST bullet is fired.

As you add more bullets to the volley (by right-clicking), the second bar should become shorter (as can be seen in the image).

This is important, because aim degrades as more bullets leave the gun. In fact, you could go completely innacurate by the time the last bullet is fired, depending on the weapon itself as well as the shooter's skill. Knowing how far your CtH is degrading can help you decide how many bullets to shoot.

To make space for these bars, the count of how many bullets we're about to fire has moved to the right side.

In addition, the redundant "Bullets Left" indicator has been completely removed. In its stead, HAM adds the vital Bodypart Targeting indicator, which lets us know which bodypart we're aiming for!


After (AUTO)

INI Settings Edit

HAM's Targeting Cursors can be turned on an off independently, using a single INI setting.



Controls which of the new Targeting Cursors is used in the game.

Range 0,1,2,3
JA2 Default Value 0

Both original JA2 1.13 targeting cursors will be used. Burst fire shows the Chance-to-Hit of the first bullet, while Autofire shows no Chance-to-Hit bar at all. Neither mode shows the targeted bodypart.

HAM Recommended Value 1 Both new targeting cursors are used. The Burst cursor shows Chance-to-Hit for all bullets being fired. The Autofire cursor shows the Chance-to-Hit of the first and last bullets.

Both cursors show the currently-targeted bodypart.

Other Values 2

Only the new Burst cursor is used. Autofire mode will use the original JA2 1.13 cursor.


Only the new Autofire cursor is used. Burst mode will use the original JA2 1.13 cursor.

Notes You can turn off Chance-to-Hit bars completely, if you want CTH to remain a hidden factor. Do this by using the in-game Preferences menu, and turning off the "Show CTH Indicators" option. Note that while this makes the CtH bars disappear, the targeted bodypart will still be shown on the cursor if HAM's new cursors are activated.

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