This feature enables the Hummer to travel off-road, distinguishing it from over land vehicles.

History Edit

Most of the overland travel in Jagged Alliance 2 is done on foot. While a Helicopter becomes available early on, it costs a lot of money to operate. An ice-cream truck allows us to travel along the roads, decreasing travel times considerably, as long as you can find the fuel.

Then, at some point, you can buy the Hummer, a massive 4x4 jeep. It functions... surprisingly the same as an Ice-Cream Truck.

HAM 3.3 - Goin' Off-Road Edit

A Hummer (HMMWV) is a vicious vehicle, lightly armored but mobile and hard to stop. It can negotiate difficult terrain, and its designers boast about its ability to stay grounded even on steep slopes. Some Hummers even have snorkels for crossing rivers. This is a truck built for combat, off-road travel, and picking up the kids from soccer practice.

With this feature activated, the Hummer vehicle's movement is no longer restricted to road sectors. It can now travel through plains, farms, hills, and lightly forested areas. Travel times through such sectors is SLOWER than when using roads, but still much faster than travelling on foot.

This gives the Hummer a significant advantage over the Ice-Cream Truck or any other land vehicle. It also justifies the great sums of money required to purchase the vehicle.

Please note that the Hummer CANNOT travel through swamps, dense forests, or other rough terrain. This was done to avoid over-powering the vehicle and replacing pedestrian travel completely. You'll still have to hoof it in some places, but can now use the Hummer to cut through the countryside.

You must activate this feature BEFORE starting a new game! Otherwise, the Hummer will not be affected!

INI Settings Edit

This feature can be enabled and disabled using a single INI setting.



Controls whether the Hummer can travel in light-terrain off-road sectors.

JA2 Default Value FALSE

The Hummer can only travel along the roads. It offers no significant advantage over the Ice-Cream truck.

HAM Recommended Value TRUE Bring it on! The Hummer can now travel through Plains, Light-Forests, Hills, and Farmland.
Notes Please remember to activate this setting BEFORE starting a new campaign.
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