HAM adds a graphical representation of a merc's progress towards gaining new a new level in any of his skills/attributes. It also does this to clearly show how close a merc is to complete his current Militia Training session.

History Edit

The Jagged Alliance role-playing system works differently with regards to gaining skill levels than more role-playing games. For starters, performing an action that is supposed to increase skills does not necessarily increase the skill. Instead, there is a certain number of chances to gain a "Progress Point" whenever an action is performed. If a "chance" succeeds, a progress point is gained, and you have to accumulate a certain number of these "Sub-Points" to gain an actual level.

The number of Sub-Points you have accumulated so far in each skill is hidden. This may have been intentional, to obscure the way that the system works from the player, so that new skill levels would be a welcome surprise or a confounding enigma (or both).

HAM, of course, has more than a few features designed to dispel myhts and make gameplay more streamlined and transparent without actually making the game easier. Progress bars are one such feature.

HAM 3.6 - Watch your Progress Edit


Trevor's info box, with red-colored bars

In HAM 3.6, it is possible to see your progress gained so far towards the next skill level in each and every one of your attributes and skills, including your overall Experience Level.

This is displayed as a set of colored bars, shown behind the current skill levels on the character info panel (see picture). The bars are visible on both the Tactical and Strategic character info displays.

To avoid issues with differently-colored interfaces, and allow players some degree of freedom, HAM provides three INI settings to allow changing the color of these bars in Red-Green-Blue.

In-game toggle

It is also possible to quickly turn these bars on and off as you desire. This is done through the in-game options menu, with a toggle called "Stat Progress Bars". == HAM 3.6 - Assignment Progress ==

Bars showing militia training progress

HAM also includes a similar set of bars displayed on your Character List in Strategic mode. These bars show the character's progress in his current assignment.

At the moment, the bars are only shown for characters who are either Practicing a skill, being Trained by another character, or training Militia/Mobile Militia.

When the character is practicing or being trained, the progress bar shows the progress towards the next skill level.

When the character is training militia, the progress bar shows progress towards training completion.

INI Settings Edit

These settings only control the COLOR of the progress bars. If you wish to turn the bars on/off, you can do so inside the game, using the preferences menu option called "Stat Progress Bars"





Controls the color of the Stat Progress and Assignment Progress bars.

Range 0-255
HAM Recommended Values 160, 90, 20 A tan color. This is only recommended as it is not very intrusive. Unfortunately, it is also not very visible. Feel free to experiment and find the right color for you!

Randok's suggestion - Orange bars. RGB is 192/92/0

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