Jagged Alliance 1.13 HAM Wiki

Feel free to add any images from any version of HAM. If you can, describe what we see and why HAM rocks!

) Ahem.


New Autofire Cursor

Scope showing off the new Autofire Chance-to-Hit cursor. She's about to fire 11 bullets at a preppy Militia-girl.
The top bar shows the Chance-to-Hit of the first bullet in the volley. It is full, meaning a sure shot.
The second bar shows the Chance-to-Hit of the LAST bullet. It is just under 50 here. This is because CtH decreases with every bullet due to the natural recoil of the gun. The 11th bullet is far less accurate, although at this range it looks like most of the bullets are likely to hit SOMETHING. :)
Note that the number of bullets is displayed on the right side. In vanilla 1.13, this number is displayed above the AP cost.
And, have you noticed? It shows that we are firing at the TORSO. This was not possible in JA2 before HAM 1.

Bobby Ray's Tooltips - Attachment List

This image shows all possible attachments to an AEK-973, in vanilla 1.13. The length of the list is finite, so mods that add a lot of possible attachments can cause this to crash. :(
If this happens to you, you can just turn the attachment list off. Read the article about Attachment Lists to learn how to do this.
Attachment lists are turned off by default! At least for now.

New Burst CtH cursor

Grizzly went to clear out Omerta one day.
This image shows a three-round burst. Each bar shows the Chance-to-Hit of each individual bullet. You can see the gun's burst penalty (from recoil) lowering the chance for each bullet.
Also, we can see the targeted bodypart, something which was not possible in vanilla 1.13's burst mode.

Assault at Alma I14

This is an assault on the mine sector at Alma. The battle involves around 20 mercs versus over 30 enemies. It is the second attempt after a first one failed miserably.
The force in the center and on top of the northern house provide the most suppression fire, pinning the enemies down as they come across the road. Two other smaller flanking forces attempt to close a pincer movement on the enemy. This is classic "Fire and Maneuver" on the squad scale, and executing it with 20 mercs is one of the thrills you can only get in HAM.
The battle was won without casualties.

HAM 3.6 Work-in-Progress Interface

This is a screenshot taken during work on HAM 3.6. It shows some new interface features, like the Daily Expenditure display (bottom right), attribute progress bars (hard to see, in the character's attributes panel), and multi-colored message lines. HAM 3.6 also includes a wider message log window and other niceties not shown here.