This is a very minor alteration designed to save the player some unnecessary clicking to return the soldier's weapon to his hand after having previously been assigned to Repair or Doctor duty.

History Edit

In JA2, assigning a merc to REPAIR or DOCTOR will automatically place that character's toolkit or medikit into his hand. If the character doesn't have a kit, the assignment cannot be started at all.

The problem is that because of the way the program handles this, the item that was in the players main hand (usually his weapon) is moved somewhere else in the inventory - normally swapped with the kit.

This is annoying because it can take a lot of unnecessary clicks to replace all weapons back into the characters' hands, especially with a large group of mercs.

HAM 2.8 - Smarter Item Switch Edit

With the Smarter Item Switch, the program looks at the item the player holding in their main hand.

  1. If the item is a weapon, the program first tries to swap hands (putting the weapon into the character's second hand).
  2. If it fails to do that, it'll try to put the weapon into the sling slot.
  3. Only if both these attempts fail, the program will put the weapon where the kit was.

Once the character has finished repairs, the player can switch back the weapons much faster:

  1. Go down to tactical mode.
  2. On the team panel, each character will show the Doctor/Repair kit in his main hand, and the weapon in the second hand (assuming the smart switch was successful)
  3. Right click each weapon - it'll be switched back to the character's main hand. If the weapon is two-handed, the kit is automatically moved into an empty slot in the inventory.

Obviously this is a little less useful with dual-wielded weapons, but that was also true in the original item swap method. Overall, the Smarter Item Switch can save a lot of hassle, and as such offers an improvement, if small, over the original swapping system.

INI Settings Edit

Because this feature is objectively superior to the old swapping method, it is always enabled. There is no INI setting to control it.