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Alternate Goggle-Switching HotkeyAlternate Progress CalculationAuto-Resolve in JA2 1.13
Bullet Counting CheckChance-To-Hit Divisor for Mortar FireChance-to-Hit Approximation System
Civilian HostilityCritical Hits cause Extra Ill-EffectsCustomizable Facilities
Daily Expenses WindowDynamic Aiming Level RestrictionsEnhanced Description Box
Enhanced Message LogExplosives Cause SuppressionExternalized Arrival Sector
Externalized Auto-Resolve Luck FactorExternalized Kills-per-Progress Point RatiosExternalized Level-Up Speed
Externalized Min-Max Chance to HitExternalized Mine DepletionExternalized Mine Income
Externalized Skyrider Flight CostsExternalized Strength-to-Weight RatioFacilityTypes.XML (HAM 3.6)
Fixed Unreal Reinforcements AdvantageFrequently Asked QuestionsGame Progress-Weight Controls
Global "Autofire Bullets / 5 AP" modifierHAM Download and InstallationHAM Features
HAM GlossaryHAM TracersHeadrock's Assorted Modifications: What is it?
Increased AP Costs to Fire Aimed ShotsJagged Alliance 1.13 HAM WikiKnown Bugs
LBEs repaired lastLeadership Requirements for Training Militia
Militia Drop Their EquipmentMilitia Upkeep CostsMinimum Distance for "Friendly Suppression"
Mobile MilitiaMobile Militia DiversityMobile Militia Movement in Cities and SAM sites
Mobile Militia TrainingModifications to the Roaming Militia GeneratorNCTH XML Changes
New Chance To HitNew Target Cursors for Burst/Full-AutoNo Enemy Detection without Recon
Off-Road Movement for HMMWV (Hummer)Possible Attachments list at Bobby Ray'sProfile Externalization (PROFEX)
Progress BarsProgress Controlled Roaming MilitiaScreenshots
Shooting at Moving TargetsSingle-Click Selection OptionSmart Training Handler
Smarter Automatic ReloadsSmarter Item Switch when Repairing/DoctoringSuppression AP Loss
Suppression Fire in HAMSuppression ShockSuppression Tolerance
War StoriesXML Bloodcat LocationsXML Facility Modifiers
XML Uniform Colors
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