How does this interact with the Sniper skill? Let's say you are limited to two clicks, and have Expert Sniper. Will you still get the full 20 point CTH bonus? Or would you need a rifle and character capable of the game's maximum aiming clicks to get it?

I don't recall adding the sniper trait into this, so snipers don't get a larger number of clicks than anyone else. Still, it's a good idea to add at some point. Also if I understand your question properly, then youàre asking about how much the sniper trait gives to CTH, right? In that case, I'd have to check, but there's no direct connection between Dynamic Aiming and CTH, as far as I know.

What I'm saying is that you don't get the maximum bonus from the Sniper trait unless you use all your available aiming clicks. That's how I understand it, anyway. So HAM adds in a restriction on how many aiming clicks, that might limit the bonus you can receive from Sniper trait. I could be misunderstanding the trait though.

I'll have to re-check that in the code, but from what I remember the sniper trait helps increase the total (maximum) possible CTH bonus from aiming, and so increases the CTH bonus you get for every (any) click. If it only assists the last two clicks as you say, then I'm still fine with that - only sniper rifles in bipod mode can reach 7/8 clicks, so that factors in well with sniper training, which is supposed to help hitting distant targets, not nearby targets.
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