A couple of finer points: assuming HAM defaults, can (for example) Ira still assist with training? Typically I use her as a secondary militia trainer, which raises her leadership score, so that she can become a good militia trainer later in the game with her Teaching expertise. But does MINIMUM_LEADERSHIP_TO_TRAIN_MILITIA apply to the second trainer as well, or only the primary teacher? Ira starts with Leadership < 20, I believe. So she may not be receiving any increases this way under HAM defaults.

Second question: the default for TRAIN_VETERAN_MILITIA is FALSE in both 1.13 and HAM. Does this also apply to training mobile militia in HAM? If it is global, I'd like to see it changed. There should be two separate settings: ability to train stationary veterans, and ability to train mobile veterans. I typically leave this setting to FALSE in plain 1.13 because I feel it is overpowered if enabled. But with HAM's stricter leadership requirements for training mobile militia, I would like to allow it...for mobile militia ONLY. Mobile militia are more expensive, train in smaller squads and are just more difficult to create in general, so this makes sense to me. So I want separate options to allow veterans for stationary locations and roaming mobile. Is this possible with the current version of HAM?

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