After many years it is finally possible: Changing the default uniform for all enemies and militia, using a very very simple XML.

History Edit

If you've ever played JA2, then you instinctively know what a "Redshirt" or "Blackshirt" means. If you don't, please go and play JA2.

The color of uniforms for all "generic" enemies and militia are hardcoded. That means that they are defined inside the EXE, and cannot be changed. Even the map editor does not allow manipulating these colors. So the only clothes that could be altered were those of mercs and NPCs, using PROEDIT.

The only way for a modder to change these colors (aside from editing the source code, which most modders can't) was to edit the color palette file that comes with the game. This is no simple task either, as the file is in binary format. The developers of Wildfire did in fact alter that file, making enemies with blue shirts and militia with red shirts, and all sorts of other bizarre stuff. Most modders, of course, don't know jack about how to do something like that.

HAM 3.6 - Couldn't be any Easier Edit

HAM 3.6 introduces a new XML that couldn't be any simpler. If you want to change the colors of (ALL!) enemies and militia, you simply have to edit a couple of lines. There's no need to mess with the structure or add new entries. Simply change the values, and voila, all the uniforms have changed.

The XML is called "UniformColors.XML", and is placed in the \TableData\Army\ folder.

Here's what the XML looks like by default:









All you need to do is change the colors, and you're done. There's no need to add anything or remove anything.

Available Colors Edit

Unfortunately, the game itself is limited in the number of colors you can choose. This is something I can't change, but the variety is very good regardless.

Possible Vest Colors:

  • greyVEST <--- Note capitalization of this color!!

Possible Pants Colors:


Colors other than the ones above will not be accepted (they'll cause the game to crash).

Using with Wildfire Edit

There's one problem with using this together with Wildfire. The developers of Wildfire altered the definition of the colors as a way to change the default colors without messing with the code. For instance, in Wildfire, selecting "BLUESHIRT" will result in a red shirt.

One way to solve this is to delete or rename the file JA2pal.dat from your Wildfire\Binary folder. That will force the game to use the default palette file, and so your choices will be correct. You can then use the XML to mimic the same color results as wildfire did artificially.

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